Caravan Specialist 5e Background in dnd

Caravan Specialist Background 5E


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December 18, 2022

Caravan Specialist 5e Background in dnd

You have spent most of your life traveling around one town to another through roads. This has grown out to become a major part of who you are and you are quite proud of it. Your time traveling the towns in the Moonsea region has made you aware of all the major trade ways. 

The knowledge of all these roads and trade ways comes in handy when you are looking for a place to stay, making camps, or finding the basic resources like food and water. Unlike most, you can easily find some of the best shortcuts to reaching your destination more quickly.

These travels you have made over the years have made you quite some friends around different towns and areas, which makes you aware of all the news and rumors flying around. It also keeps you and the ones traveling with you safe from any attacks, as you know all the places that might be dangerous. You have gotten pretty good at repairing old and broken wagons as well as handling animals.

What is a Caravan Specialist in DND?

A Caravan Specialist is someone who has spent most of his life traveling from place to place, be it alone or with other travelers. He knows all the ins and outs of different towns in the Moonsea region. He is someone with extreme knowledge of all the little places that can be good at gathering food and other supplies while traveling, finding places to stay for a short while, and even areas with chances of ambush.

Caravan Specialist knows all the little news and rumors that have been circulating because of the acquaintance that he has made over the years, traveling through towns and villages. It has made you great at handling animals and repairing old wagons of all kinds.

SkillsYour Skills include Survival and Animal handling.
Tool ProficienciesYou are proficient with Land Vehicles.
LanguagesYou can speak one language of your choice.
EquipmentYou carry a whip for the animals, a small tent for camping, a set of travelers clothes, and carry a small pouch with 10 GP.

Suggested Characteristics

Personality Traits

D8Personality Traits
1Any group is only as strong as its weakest link. Everyone has to pull their own weight.
2There’s always someone out there trying to take what I’ve got. Always be vigilant.
3Anything can be learned if you have the right teacher. Most folks just need a chance.
4Early to bed and early to rise; this much at least is under my control.
5You can listen to me or don’t and wish you had. Everyone ends up on one side of that fence.
6Eventually, my hard work will be rewarded. Maybe that time has finally come.
7A strong ox or horse is more reliable than most people I’ve met.
8I never had time for books, but wish I had. I admire folks who have taken the time to learn.


1Service. Using my talents to help others is the best way of helping myself. (Good)
2Selfish. What people don’t know WILL hurt them, but why is that my problem? (Evil)
3Wanderer. I go where the road takes me. Sometimes that’s a good thing… (Chaotic)
4Fittest. On the open road, the law of nature wins. Victims are unprepared. (Lawful)
5Focused. I simply have a job to do, and I’m going to do it. (Neutral)
6Motivated. There’s a reason I’m good at what I do, I pay attention to the details. (Any)


1My brother has a farm in Elmwood and I’ve helped him and his neighbors move their goods to Mulmaster and other surrounding towns. Those are good people.
2A caravan I led was attacked by bandits and many innocents died. I swear that I will avenge them by killing any bandits I encounter.
3The soldiers are mostly good guys who understand the importance of protecting the roads. The City Watch is who you have to look out for. If they are inspecting your goods, get ready to pay a fine.
4The new commander of South road Tower, Capt. Holke understands the importance of safe roads. He’s hired me for several jobs and I’m grateful.
5There’s always a road I haven’t traveled before. I’m always looking for new places to explore.
6Wealth and power mean little without the freedom to go where and when you want.


1I have trouble trusting people I’ve just met.
2I enjoy the open road. Underground and tight spaces make me very nervous.
3I expect others to heed my orders and have little respect or sympathy if they don’t.
4I am very prideful and have trouble admitting when I’m wrong.
5Once I decide on a course of action, I do not waiver.
6I like to explore, and my curiosity will sometimes get me into trouble.



Your experience has made you highly reliable for when the situation gets heated. You like to keep things under control and go with your instincts which is why everyone looks to you for directions. The knowledge of all the hiding spots come in handy when people need a place to hide from enemies. 

When traveling with a Caravan, you can have two other workers work for you as you have proven yourself to be extremely reliable. If anyone can find directions when things get serious, it’s you.

Why Use a Caravan Specialist Background?

As a traveler, things can get pretty bad especially if someone is trying to attack you. A Caravan Specialist knows his ways around each and every town, with all the little places for hiding, gathering the basic resources, and quickly getting to your destinations using the hidden shortcuts.

People trust you for being reliable when the situation is serious, they trust you with their lives that you would find the best way to get them to safety. Your reliability earns you extra hands for long travels.

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