Earthspur Miner 5e background in dnd

Earthspur Miner Background 5e


Dwarvish, Undercommon.

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Earthspur Miner Back..






Dwarvish, Undercommo.. MB






Athletics, Survival

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December 18, 2022

Earthspur Miner 5e background in dnd

You have a major part of your life working hard in the mines of Earthspur mountains, dealing with all sorts of adversities throughout your journey. These adventures have made you live amongst a variety of races from Goliaths to Denizens and Dwarves that you have spent some time of your life with working in the mines. 

The time you have spent working with mines in the area has become your second nature, you can read different signs, haggle with deep gnomes for supplies and have a good time with dwarves under the mines. However, throughout all these years of working you have never made it big so far. Despite moving to Mulmaster for work, the tall enchanting mountains of Earthspur continue to entice you.

What is Earthspur Miner in DND?

An Earthspur Miner is someone who has been through the hardships of life, working from mine to mine in search of something rich. Although you haven’t found it yet, you still believe in hard work. The dwarves, Goliath, and Denizens are also hard workers like you and you have learned a lot over the years working with them.

Your time in Earthspur hasn’t been the most rewarding and although you have come to Mulmaster in search of work. The mines of Earthspur Mountains still seem to be enchanting you. However, one certain thing is that you have learned a lot of new skills that can be useful in your future.

SkillsYour Skills include Athletics and Survival.
Tool ProficienciesNone
LanguagesYou can speak Dwarven and Undercommon.
EquipmentYou carry either a shovel or miner’s pick, a tackle and block, and a climbing kit. You wear a set of common clothes and carry a pouch with 5GP.

Suggested Characteristics

Personality Traits

D8Personality Traits
1Nothing bothers me for long.
2I hate the horrors of the Underdark with a passion. They took my friends and family and almost got me.
3Anything worth doing takes time and patience. I have learned to plan and wait for the things I want and to be patient to achieve my goals.
4I can party with everyone. Whether with dwarves, or goliaths, or deep gnomes, I can find a way to have a good time.
5I’d rather be mining. This is okay; mining is better.
6I think that I will stumble upon great riches if I just keep looking.
7People who don’t work with their hands and who live in houses are soft and weak.
8I wish I were more educated. I look up to people who are.


1Generosity. The riches of the earth are to be shared by all. (Good)
2Greed. Gems and precious metals, I want them all for myself. (Evil)
3Mooch. Property, schmoperty. If I need it, I take and use it. If I don’t, I leave it for someone else. (Chaotic)
4Boundaries. Everything and every one has its prescribed place; I respect that and expect others to do the same. (Lawful)
5Let it Be. I don’t meddle in the affairs of others if I can avoid it. They’re none of my business. (Neutral)
6Materialist. I want riches to improve my life. (Any)


1The people of the Earthspur mines are my family. I will do anything to protect them.
2A deep gnome saved my life when I was injured and alone. I owe his people a great debt.
3I must behold and preserve the natural beauty of places below the earth.
4Gems hold a special fascination for me, more than gold, land, magic, or power.
5I want to explore new depths and scale new heights.
6Someday I’m going to find the motherlode, then I’ll spend the rest of my life in luxury.


1I’m uncomfortable spending time under the open sky. I’d rather be indoors or underground.
2I’m not used to being around other people much and sometimes get grouchy about it.
3Good tools are more reliable than people. In a cave-in, I would save a sturdy pick before a stranger.
4I jealously guard my secrets, because I think others will take advantage of me if they learn what I know.
5I am obsessed with getting rich. I always have a scheme brewing for making it big.
6I’m afraid of the dark.


Deep Miner

Your sense of navigation is strong as you have perfected this skill for a long time. That is why you hardly ever lose track or get lost in a mine even if you have never been in it before, just by looking at the map. 

Getting water and food inside the mine isn’t a big deal for you, you can also help as many as 5 other people to survive in these caves.

Note: This feature is a variant of the Outlander background.

Why Use Earthspur Miner Background?

Only a few people have the necessary skills to survive under the mines, and find food and water not only for one but as many as 5 people. Earthspur Miners are hardworking people mining for a very long time in the mountains of Earthspur. Although you never have hit the jackpot yet, chances are you might if you keep working hard from mine to mine using your ultimately crafted skills.

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