Ticklebelly Nomad 5e background in dnd

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December 22, 2022

Ticklebelly Nomad 5e background in dnd

Born into the Nomadic tribe, you have spent all your life away from the civilizations of the cities into the wilderness of Ticklebelly hills that you now call your home. You are constantly moving from place to place, searching for a new home to spend the night in.

As the season changes, your tribe would often migrate to either the large Dragonspine mountains to the north, Grass Sea and Giant’s Cairn to the south, or the borders of quivering forest across the river Stojanow. Your tribe has discovered different people and tribes along the journey, as your travel to the Giant’s Cairn has led to you, the giant stone tribe living there. 

The dragon soldiers once raided the hills, one-day-magic users covered in purple clothes, riding fierce beasts, alongside were black-clad warriors with horrific masks and the soldiers of Phlan. The Vorgansharax, the fierce dragon, later captured the hills. The believers of the dragon would often raid the homes of the Nomad tribes for offerings to the wyrm. The nightmare would eventually end with Vorgansharax moving to Phlan but leaving behind irreparable damage.

What is a Ticklebelly Nomad in DND?

Ticklebelly Nomads are the tribes who have made the Ticklebelly kills their home. They often travel to find new places as the season changes, and these travels have led them to find different tribes, such as the giant stone tribe of the Giant’s Crain.

You were born and raised within the tribe, spending most of your life away from the civilizations. Your journeys have made you quite social within your own and other tribes that you have discovered while traveling. But you still get cautious or curious about different tribes and communities that you are not familiar with. Perhaps your curiosity was the reason you started on this adventure. Or maybe it was one of your tribe’s leaders who wanted you to explore.

SkillsYour Skills include nature and animal handling.
Tool ProficienciesYou are proficient with Herbalism Kit.
LanguagesYou speak the language of Giants.
EquipmentYou carry a herbalism kit, a small piece of jewelry that symbolizes your tribe, and a hunting trap. You wear everyday clothes and have a small pouch with 5 GP.

Suggested Characteristics

Personality Traits

D8Personality Traits
1I eagerly inject myself into the unknown.
2Villages, towns, and cities do not suit me. I’d rather be out in the wilderness any day.
3I accomplish my tasks efficiently, using as few resources as possible.
4It’s difficult for me to remain in one place for a long.
5I loudly brag about my tribe every chance I get.
6Having walked among giants, I am fearless in the face of bigger creatures.
7I am quiet and reserved, but observant. Nothing escapes my attention.
8My word is my bond. I see a promise to completion, even if it conflicts with my beliefs.


1Kinship: Family is the most important in life. Though I may be far from my own, the bonds of the family must be protected in others’ lives as well. (Good)
2Preservation: Nature must not be despoiled by encroaching civilization. (Any)
3Wanderlust: One must expand their horizons by seeing the world and exploring. (Chaos)
4Isolation: My tribe and its ways must be protected and shielded from outside influence. (Neutral)
5Protection: Threats to the land and to the people must be dealt with at any and all costs. (Law)
6Belonging: All creatures have a place in the world, so I strive to help others find theirs. (Good)


1I ache to return to my tribe and the family I left, but cannot until my obligations are fulfilled.
2The dragon cultists that invaded my homeland stole away one of my tribe’s people. I will not know rest until I’ve found them.
3The dragon’s presence in the hills destroyed valuable territory and resulted in deaths within my tribe. The creature must pay for what it has done.
4I carry a trinket that spiritually and emotionally ties me to my people and my home.
5I discovered a strange relic in the hills during my tribe’s wanderings. I must discover what it is.
6One of the stone giant clans from the Giant’s Cairn has graced me with a mark of kinship.


1I throw myself and my friends into situations rarely ever thinking about consequences.
2Unfamiliar people and surroundings put me on edge.
3I have absolutely no patience for slowpokes and those who prove indecisive.
4My desire to experience new things causes me to make unsafe choices.
5I am overly protective of nature, sometimes to the detriment of my companions and myself.
6My lack of worldliness often proves my undoing in social, commercial, and hostile situations.


At Home in the Wild

You have spent most of your life in the wilderness, developing the necessary skills required to survive. You can easily find an excellent place to live in the wild, find food and water, keep yourself secured from the wildlife that is always looking for easy prey. But, of course, you can be challenging to find, even for someone with supernatural abilities. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that enemies can’t find you using their magical power besides the natural human senses.

Note: This feature is essentially a variant of the Folk Hero feature.

Why Use Ticklebelly Nomad Background?

The Wilderness life can be pretty challenging and hard, but you find it quite exhilarating as someone who has spent most of his life in the wilderness. That might be the reason why you decided to take on this journey and explore the world outside of your tribe.

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