Iron Route Bandit Background 5e

Iron Route Bandit Background 5E



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Iron Route Bandit






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December 22, 2022

Iron Route Bandit Background 5e

You have spent many years of your life working for an underground criminal organization that has expertise in robbing off people that trade through the infamous Iron Route. It connects Phlan and Zhentil as a trading route, but it’s more famous for being a hot spot for many criminals and banditry has become a growing profession.

The crimes range from anything between robbing people of their pets, pieces of jewelry, horses, vehicles, and many other things. You on the other have developed great skills as a horse thief working for some local guild of thieves.

What is an Iron Route Bandit in DND?

Iron Bandits have a reputation of being a lowlife, ripping people off of their horses for some shady local guilds and organizations and this has become a profession for you and you have developed a knack for robbing people of their possession.

Robbing people off in different ways for a long time has made you an expert in the profession and polished your skills as an animal handler as well. Your time as an Iron Route Bandit has been a life experience for you.

Your Skills Your Skills include Stealth and Animal Handling.
Your Tool ProficienciesYou have one type of gaming set and a land vehicle.
EquipmentYou have a set of old common clothes, a saddle, a burglar’s pack, and a pouch that contains 5 GP.

Suggested Characteristics

Personality Traits

D8Personality Traits
1If people leave their gear unsecured, they must not want it very much.
2I feel more comfortable sleeping under the open sky.
3I always pre-plan my escape should things go bad; I always like to have an exit strategy.
4I tend to give animal owners breeding and care advice whether or not they want it.
5I lost a pet as a child and sadly reflect on it to this day.
6I always form a powerful, emotional bond with my mount.
7I recoil at the thought of killing someone else’s pet or mount.
8I prefer to hang to the back of a scuffle or discussion. Better to have my enemies in front of me.


1Loyalty: Never bite the hand that feeds. (Good)
2Unpredictability: Keep your enemy guessing and off-balance like a confused deer. (Chaotic)
3Power: I strive to become a leader of the pack at all costs. (Lawful)
4Freedom: I bow to no one I don’t respect. (Chaotic)
5Resourcefulness: Our wits are our most valuable resource in troubled times. (Any)
6Unity: Lone wolves fail where the pack succeeds. (Any)


1I cannot leave a harmed animal behind; I must save it or put it out of its misery.
2I leave behind my own personal calling cards when I do a job.
3I do not trust people who do not have a pet, mount, or furry companion.
4The pelt I wear on my back was from an animal that died saving my life, I will always cherish it.
5If my pet does not like you, I do not like you!
6Once you’ve ridden with me and fought by my side, I’ll be there for you odds be damned.


1I talk to animals; I believe they understand me, even if they do not.
2I growl at and bite anyone who gets too close to my food while I am eating.
3I strongly dislike enclosed spaces and require intoxication or firm encouragement to enter them.
4I robbed the wrong caravan once. The owner is a powerful merchant who holds a grudge.
5I am an inveterate gambler.
6I judge people based on how well they stand their ground in a fight. I’ve got no time for cowards.


Black Market Breeder

Your time as a low life has taught you a lot of skills in robbing horses from rich people and you know your way around to find people who are willing to buy these horses for a good price for a variety of reasons, be it illegal horse races, or any other shady job.

These people are always looking for stolen animals and vehicles to buy and your contact helps you reach the right type of people. They also help you get inside information on expensive trade deals, amongst other things, which comes in handy for you.

Why use Iron Route Bandit Background?

If you love to play the criminal background, you’d definitely like Iron Route Bandit as it adds a nice touch to the overall theme and backstory of the background 5e. Being a criminal isn’t easy but it sure pays off once you get hold of it. And since you have spent many years of your life being a criminal and ripping people off their possessions, you have developed quite a skill that many organizations need you.

Knowing your way around the market comes in handy when dealing with shady people and making expensive trades or even getting inside information about the market to get a huge profit. 

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