Black Fist Double Agent Background 5e

Black Fist Double Agent Background 5E



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December 22, 2022

Black Fist Double Agent Background 5e

You are a double agent working for the town guard of Phlan while acting as the lord of the Phlan and being an informant for the tears of virulence at the same time. As a former, you are working to help the Black Fist while remaining undercover as an informant for the Tears of Virulence and feeding them with wrong information at times to throw them off.

As Phlan is now being evacuated and you are facing more and more insurgents amongst the refugees, you hardly get free time for yourself. This also enables you to spy on the common people of Elventree and Mulmaster using your contacts. 

What is a Black Fist Double Agent in DND?

You are a double agent working loyally for the rebels of the Black Fist and other rebels of the Phlan. And to achieve this goal, you are working as an informant for the Tears of Virulence. As a reward for the information that you provide them, you get to keep your affairs going in Phlan.

But using this opportunity as a double agent you feed the Tear of Virulence with wrong information that can lead to the betterment of the rebels of Black Fist. You are loyal to the original town guard of Phlan, so much so that you are willing to risk your life.

Your SkillsYour Skills include Deception and Insight.
Your Tool ProficienciesYou have a Disguise Kit and you can choose one type of gaming set or Artisan’s tools.
EquipmentYou have a set of common clothes, a disguise kit, an emblem that symbolizes Tears of Virulence, a writ with the signature from Lord Regent and you carry a pouch with 15GP in it.
LifestyleModerate Lifestyle.

Suggested Characteristics

Personality Traits

D8Personality Traits
1People are only as trustworthy as you are valuable to them. Always strive to be the most valuable person around.
2My eloquence and sophistication are tools I use to avoid arousing suspicion myself.
3I am a thrill-seeker, excited by covert and dangerous missions.
4I live by my wits and always check every lock twice, just to be certain.
5I never admit to my mistakes lest they be used against me.
6I take every effort to be unnoticeable and blend into the crowd. Passersby rarely give me a second look.
7I am prepared for any eventuality; including the day my usefulness as a spy comes to an end.
8I always make certain to know my enemy before acting, lest I bite off more than I can chew.


1Suspicious: In my experience, everybody has something to hide, and what they hide can usually hurt me (Any).
2Secretive: I trade in secrets, and am not about to let any of mine slip (Any).
3Hedonist: Life is short. I live my life to the fullest, as I know any day could be my last (Chaotic).
4Selfless: I use my position to help the downtrodden avoid persecution from the authorities (Good).
5Patriotic: I am a loyal supporter of the Phlan and its leaders, and see my role as a solemn duty and necessary evil to prevent anarchy (Lawful).
6Manipulative: I use my knowledge to blackmail and manipulate others to my own benefit (Evil).


1I was framed for a crime I did not commit and seek to bring the true culprit to justice.
2I am a part of an underground network that smuggles innocent civilians out of the city prior to being raided by the authorities.
3I miss the glory days of Phlan, before the coming of the dragon.
4I seek to prove myself worthy of joining the Black Fist as a member of their order.
5My sister was killed by a Tear of Virulence, and now I feed them false information whenever possible.
6My family was wrongly imprisoned, and I act as an informant in order to secure their release.


1I think too highly of myself, and have an exaggerated sense of self-importance.
2I have difficulty trusting strangers. I see spies and informants everywhere.
3Years of getting away with minor crimes have left me believing that I am above the law, and have diplomatic immunity above my station.
4Years of seeing innocent people suffer have left me despondent and pessimistic for the future.
5My desire for vengeance often gets me into trouble.
6I am a spendthrift and share my wealth with the patrons of my favorite tavern.


Double Agent

Spending some time and gaining the trust of the Tears of Virulence by giving them the information that they need and in return, gets you off the hook for any minor offenses that you may have in Phlan. And being a double agent comes in handy as your partners in the Black Fist also help you out in difficult situations and they can also get you in touch with the lords of Phlan, who are also in support of the rebels of Black Fist. 

You should also know that this feature is actually a variant of the Noble background feature.

Why Use Black Fist Double Agent Background?

This is quite an interesting and fun background to play with, you travel a difficult path of playing with fire as you misguide the Tears of Virulence by throwing them off with wrong information, while with their help you are carrying out your own agenda.

At the core of it all, you are helping your brothers in Black Fist and your loyalty for the original town guard is respected by the Lords of the Phlan as well.

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